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Manage Small Business Finances

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Manage Small Business Finances

BSBSMB406 - Manage Small Business Finances

This course applies to individuals who operate a small business that stands alone, or is part of a department within a larger organisation. Individuals in this role interpret financial reports and other numerical data to develop financial management strategies.

The goal of the course is to provide students with the skills to manage the day-to-day operations regarding the financial management of a small business.

If you have any questions please contact one of our friendly staff through our contact page.

Course Requirements

  • Access to the Internet. (this course is delivered online)
  • A English language, Literacy and Numeracy skill level of 3 is required to complete this course

Course Design

Our course is divided into the following parts:

  • Course Introduction and Enrolment
  • Module 1 - Record Keeping Requirements
  • Module 2 - Recording Business Activities
  • Module 3 - Basic Financial Concepts
  • Module 4 - Maintaining Financial Records
  • Module 5 - Financial Statements
  • Module 6 - Profit and Loss Statements
  • Module 7 - Balance Sheets
  • Module 8 - Cashflow Statements
  • Module 9 - Planning
  • Module 10 - Budgets or Forecasts
  • Module 11 - Financial Indicators or Ratios
  • Module 12 - Capital Funding
  • Module 13 - Credit Management
  • Module 14 - Taxation Requirements

You are able to complete this course completely online at a place and time that suits you, including at our Training and Assessment Centre if you prefer.


Inscope Training allows students to begin the course and pay later. Upon completion Inscope Training will issue you with a Statement of Attainment.

The Assessment Process

All of the on-line parts of this course require a 100% pass mark. You will be provided with all of the information and resources you need to achieve this.

If you answer a question incorrectly, you will be taken back a question and presented with a different set of questions. It is therefore strongly advised that you should NOT attempt to click or guess your way through this course. If you are unsure of an answer to a question, you should watch the resource provided to you.

If you are still having problems with answering a question, you can contact an Inscope Trainer who will assist you. The trainer's contact number is listed under the Contact Us tab on the Inscope Training's webpage.

Inscope Training expects all students to adhere to the behaviour and discipline requirements as outlined in our student handbook.

For more information refer to our Student Handbook found under the 'Resources' tab on our website.

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