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Audit report Audit report


We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality training that is both engaging and valid. Like all Registered Training Organisations though, we are subject to the rigors of ASQA audits.

While we know that our systems and processes are extremely thorough and we embrace the scrutiny and potential improvement suggestions of the National body, the notice, when it comes, causes both excitement and a small degree of trepidation.

So it is just great to have had our audit and to receive our audit results without any non compliances and not even a suggested improvement.

The Ammonite TOMS learning platform development team, who continually strive to automate and streamline so much for student training and RTO management processes (including assessment validation, training and assessment documentation, continuous improvement records, mapping, professional development of staff etc) and the professionalism of all of the dedicated Inscope Training team should be extremely proud of this result.