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Timothy Harris

P2/N95 Disposable Respirator Training

P2/N95 Disposable Respirator Training

Inscope Training is pleased to announce our new P2/N95 Disposable Respirator Training Awareness course!

The mission for the creators of this course is the provide best practice awareness around the correct selection, fitting and maintenance of respiratory protection equipment, in particular P2 masks..

This course has been developed to provide learners with an understanding of how to choose the right mask and protect themselves against particulates (including airborne viruses).
This course has been developed inline with Australian and New Zealand standards.
The P2/N95 disposable respirator training course is split into 6 modules and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

  1. Employer and Employee Obligations and Requirements
  2. Respirator Selection
  3. Fitting the Respirator.
  4. Performing a Fit Check on the Respirator
  5. Wearing and Removing the Respirator
  6. Respirator Limitations

This P2/N95 Disposable Respirator Training course is provided 100% online and is highly interactive with all elements provided via engaging multimedia. For your convenience, it can be completed over time, and your progress will be saved so you can log in and out at your leisure.

Companies and employers can make this course available to their employees and contractors by adding it to their personalised Inscope Training landing page. This saves the hassle of chasing people for their certificates and makes the invoicing / payment a breeze.

To commence If you want to set up a personalised landing page for your company, just call us on 1300 579 808 - it only takes a few minutes.


First Aid Awareness - Best in Australia

Inscope Training is pleased to introduce a brand new First Aid Awareness course.

This course, we believe, is the most thorough and engaging first aid awareness course available in Australia.

Emergency situations occur every day, and knowing what to do and how to respond may reduce the severity of an injury or illness - it may even save a life.

This course is an awareness only course which is designed to help you respond correctly in the event of an accident, injury or illness.

The engaging content of this course was created by the highly skilled team at Coba First Aid. A sample of their resources can be viewed below Coba Course Sample

Knowledge about first aid is something everyone should have so get on board and have at go this truly great course.

You don't even have to pay until you finish - how good is that?



The new White Card course is now available through Inscope Training!!

Inscope Training has launched the White Card course “CPCCWHS1001 - Prepare to work safely in construction”. As you would expect, with the Inscope Training course it can be completed online, at a time and place that suits the individual and still meeting the requirements of the regulators. There is still no need to lose a days pay to attend a face to face course which are often very expensive.


RIP Sandra Mennetta Sheppard

It was a sad day today as one of treasured directors said good bye to his mum.
Anyone who has come in contact with Mike could not help but to be impressed by his humility, gentleness, intelligence and commitment to family and to help and serve.

Today it became very clear to all who know Mike where these qualities came from - Mike’s wonderful mother and father.

It is impossible for me to even try to recap on the things that were said by and about Sandra today, but the take away line for me was that Sandra just wanted to be proud of the person she looked at each morning in the mirror.

I’m not sure who Mike sees in the mirror each morning but I know it’s someone we are all so proud of and I know for sure that Sandra would be too.

We wish the Sheppard family our deepest sympathy with their loss.

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