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Best value White Card course in Australia Best value White Card course in Australia

Best Value White Card in Australia Featured

We are often asked “how come your White Card course is so cheap?” “Others,” they say, “charge as much as $80. Are there any catches or hidden fees?”

The answer is simple. Inscope Training recognises that this is a mandatory course for many people from all walks of life and we strive to provide the course in the most engaging way for as low a price as possible. To do this we have eliminated needless expenses such as excessive staff, office overheads and inefficient work practices. We utilise modern technologies to make sure that our processing is valid and as streamlined as possible. There are no catches and no hidden fees.

We are so confident in the quality of our course that we allow anyone to complete the White Card course without paying. Payment is only required when the person has satisfactorily completed the course and requires the White Card to be sent out.

We are proud to provide the cheapest, best quality White Card course in Australia. Check out the video testimonials from our students on our homepage to see what others say about our course.