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CPCCWHS1001 - New White Card Unit of Competency CPCCWHS1001 - New White Card Unit of Competency


The new White Card course is now available through Inscope Training!!

Inscope Training has launched the White Card course “CPCCWHS1001 - Prepare to work safely in construction”. As you would expect, with the Inscope Training course it can be completed online, at a time and place that suits the individual and still meeting the requirements of the regulators. There is still no need to lose a days pay to attend a face to face course which are often very expensive.

Inscope Training uses the latest technology and streamlined process to ensure that our course can be completed on any modern device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops or computers with a webcam.

The added content in our course will further enhance the knowledge and skills of our already comprehensive White Card course.

The background to this change is the regulators and industry acknowledge that the White Card course is an entry requirement for persons who intend to enter construction work places. Any persons who work in high risk environments must receive additional site specific and task specific training, however there has been concern raised that many who complete the current course have done so in an unduly short timeframe and some do not have the required skills and/or knowledge. Concern has been raised that this lack of knowledge could impact on individuals, workplaces and the public.

As a result of the ASQA review a new White Card course has been developed to address these concerns and to ensure that learners have the required skills and knowledge.

Inscope Training has developed the new course so that it can be completed online, still incorporating our renowned approach to flexibility, authenticity, validity as well as compliance.

Naturally there are differences between the old White Card course and the new White Card course, including it does take longer to complete.