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Upskilling Workers

Don't get caught OUT!

There are so many requirements, standards, Legislation and Codes of Practice that businesses are required to comply with in today's market. Lots of businesses focus on issues that are obvious and apparent but serious issues and hazards can easily sneak up on the unaware.

Upskilling and reskilling workers is a great way to minimise insurance costs, reduce workplace injuries and show workers that you are invested in them.

Inscope offers a range of short awareness courses that businesses can utilise in many different workplace environments.

These include:

  • Asbestos: often overlooked for office workers as well as the construction industry.
  • Manual Handling: applies to every industry I can think off.
  • Working at Heights: any workplace that uses ladders or scissor lifts.
  • Safe Work: General workplace safety awareness that applies to all workplaces
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