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Partnerships - Adding Value

1. Reduced Overheads

  • Only pay for the students that are coming to your course
  • No need to bulk buy textbooks upfront
  • No paper - completely electronic assessment, marking and admin
  • No postage - certificates emailed

2. Online Theory

Our eLearning course is without a doubt the best in the First Aid industry, both educationally and in regards to compliance. The theory is 100% online and completed prior to the practical meaning you don’t have to revisit any of the theory content unless you or your students want to. No other RTO offers this!

Reduced in class time is a huge incentive for a many busy people. For businesses an hour or two of their staffs time could add up to hundreds of hours worth of productivity and wages that you are saving them.

3. Price

  • Charge your clients whatever you like
  • No application, registration or annual fees
  • No additional costs or hidden fees
  • No lock-in contract

Boost brand value

4. Increased Brand Value

Enhance your reputation by being a part of the fastest growing RTO with the highest quality of training.

Get you own co-branded online portal (no extra charge) + co-branded certificate.

5. Increased Profit

  • Firstly by reducing overheads as already mentioned.
  • Promoting repeat business with automated email notifications to students requiring renewal.
  • Access to Inscopes exclusive online first aid awareness course that doesn’t require any face-to-face class time.
Increase Profit