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How to get your white card in NSW online

There are numerous Registered Training Organisations (RTO) that you can use to take an online white card course in NSW. It makes a lot of sense to take an online white card course in NSW. You may have trouble getting to an RTO office location. You may live in a rural location and travel is difficult. Time may be a major factor – you need a white card as quickly as possible to get to work.

But not every RTO is the same and not every white card online course in NSW will work the best for you. The RTO you want to use to get your white card in NSW online is Inscope.

Inscope offers a fantastic price – only $35. You can use any computing device including your mobile phone to take our online white card course in NSW. The moment you complete the course, we will make your white card number available meaning you can start working right away. We will also post your white card immediately.

Inscope offers the best white card online course in NSW

Many people who work on construction sites in Australia need white cards such as site managers, labourers and surveyors to name but a few. Even workers who may not be involved in construction but whose employment causes them to enter working construction zones routinely need to get that valuable white card.

Our online white card course for NSW is comprised of five parts. In the first four parts, we want to make sure you have learned the necessary facts so that you can work safely in construction. When you get to the final part, part five, you’ll have a chance to show us how good you are at communication and what you learned in the earlier part of the course.

You can do part five in a couple of different ways. You can record your responses with your computer’ webcam or give us a call and do it with a trainer over the phone. If you need to do anything again, the trainer will let you know and you can re-record it and re-submit it when you have an opportunity.

Inscope helps you at every step

You can take your white card online course in NSW at your own pace. If you are having problems with a particular question or section of the white card course, give one of our trainers a call. They can help you navigate any rough spots you can find the number to call on our website.

Choosing Inscope for your online white card course in NSW makes sense on every level. The price is right, you can take the course on your preferred technology, and at your own pace, we have a trained staff ready to help, and the moment you finish, you have immediate access to your white card number. We are the RTO that you will tell your friends and co-workers about when they need to take their white card training.

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