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Are white cards accepted interstate?

Are white cards issued in one State of Australia accepted in other States?

We have recently been asked whether New South Wales still accepts White Cards issued from other States. .

Inscope Training thought it would be a good opportunity to contact WorkSafe NSW and get the latest on this issue... .

According to WorkSafe NSW, there has been no change to the NSW Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017, which outlines the law regarding the recognition of general construction induction training (white Cards) issued in States other than NSW.

Here is a link to the NSW Worksafe Fact Sheet.

In fact, Section 318 of NSW Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017 explicitly states that any reference in the Regulation that refers to general construction induction training includes similar cards issued under corresponding WHS law.

Simply put, Section 318 of the NSW Work Health and Safety Regulation indicates that White Cards issued in other States must be accepted in NSW.

Work Safe departments in all other States of Australia have a similar stance regarding accepting White Cards from other States.

Here is a link to Inscope Training’s FAQ regarding this.