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Apprenticeship training with experienced training providers

An apprenticeship is an opportunity to earn an income while you learn a trade. You’ll combine real-world practical experience with your employer and competency-based learning through Inscope Training to graduate with a nationally-recognised trade qualification.

Inscope trade apprentice training provides you with regular, on-going support from your dedicated trainer.

With access to high-quality learning resources, purpose-built training centres and industry experienced trainers, you’ll come out of your apprenticeship a confident and qualified tradesperson.

Our trade qualification courses

We can train you in the following trade qualifications:

Apprentice on the job

Learn from the best, where and when it suits you

Our industry experienced trainers work with your employer to custom-build your training, ensuring you get more time on the job to gain the skills and experience you need for career success.

Flexible Training Options

Flexible Training Options

We blend online learning with practical training onsite or at our purpose-built training centres.

Accessible Online Portal

Accessible Online Portal

Access your course resources anywhere, anytime.

Trainers with Industry Experience

Trainers with Industry Experience

Our trainers have run their own successful trade businesses.

What is an apprenticeship?

A trade apprenticeship is a paid job that combines practical training with on-the-job experience to gain a qualification to work as a tradesperson.

An apprenticeship usually takes four years to complete and on successful completion you’ll have a nationally-recognised trade certification.

QLD apprenticeships are regulated by the Queensland Government Department of Employment, Small Business and Training and NSW apprenticeships are regulated by Training Services NSW.

How to become an apprentice

Are you interested in becoming an apprentice, but not sure of the process? We’ve broken it down into three easy steps:

1 Find an employer who’ll hire you as an apprentice.

You can search for apprentice job openings by:

  • Speaking to your school’s career counsellor or vet coordinator
  • Searching through job ads
  • Asking your personal networks
  • Contacting a jobactive provider
  • Contacting Inscope Training.

2 Complete a training contract with your employer.

You and your employer will meet with an Australian Apprentice Support Network (AASN) provider to complete the training contract, which is a legal agreement between you and your employer.

During this step, choose Inscope Training as your Supervising Registered Training Organisation (SRTO).

3 Start your apprenticeship and on-the-job training.

You’ll start work onsite with your employer and complete the qualification training and assessments with Inscope Training.

Find an Employer

Who does what in an apprenticeship?

There’s four of us involved in an apprenticeship – you, your employer, us as your Supervising Registered Training (SRTO) provider and your Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider.

Here’s what we all do and how we work together:


  • secure an apprenticeship with your employer
  • choose your preferred RTO and AASN providers (your employer may also do this, or you can choose together)
  • work for your employer on their jobsite, attend training sessions as scheduled and complete tasks to pass each module.

Your employer

  • agrees to take you on as an apprentice
  • pays your wage while you work for them and train for your qualification
  • provides you with on-the-job training and experience on their jobsite.

Inscope Training

  • works with your employer to set up your training plan
  • delivers a combination of hands-on training in our training centres and on your employer’s jobsite, with self-paced theory online
  • keeps track of your progress and supports you through any issues or challenges with your training
  • upon successful completion, issues your trade qualification.


  • Works with you and your employer to set up your employment and training contract
  • can provide advice on your options or opportunities for training and the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives program

What does it cost to do an apprenticeship?

Because an apprentice is a paid employee, you’ll receive a wage from your employer. You can find out more about apprentice wages and entitlements from the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Training Costs

The Queensland and New South Wales state governments, provide a public funding contribution towards the cost of training and assessment services for eligible apprentices. In some cases, you or your employer may still need to pay a small contribution (gap) fee.

Choose your preferred certification to find out more about the funding available and contribution fees that need to be paid:

Many awards and employment contracts have entitlements for training costs, fees and textbooks. You may be eligible for your employer to pay or reimburse your contribution fee. Check your award or employment contract to find out if you are eligible.


You’ll also need to buy all your tools for the job, but we can help you out there too; our local tool provider can kit you up with the tools you need for each year of your apprenticeship, and at a great price.

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