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QBCC-Approved Managerial Course

BSBESB402 - Establish legal and risk management requirements of new business ventures

BSBESB402 - Establish legal and risk management requirements of new business ventures, is specifically designed to complement your trade knowledge with business knowledge.

Participants will learn how to establish the legal requirements, and risk management practices, that apply to your business and industry. This Nationally Recognised Unit of Competency is accepted as evidence by QBCC in regards to the business management knowledge requirements to be a licensed subcontractor.
  • You only pay upon completion - Certificate emailed immediately
  • A course Ecard sent to your phone upon completion
  • This course was made in Australia for Australian workers
  • Packages of 2 or more course tailored to your requirements
This online course is ideal for people who are applying to be registered as a licensed subcontractor with the QBCC, for an electrical contractor’s license from the Electrical Safety Office (ESO), or people seeking to become a Qualified Business Person (QBP).
This course is divided into the following 11 parts:
  • Part 1: Legal business structures
  • Part 2: Legislative and regulatory requirements for business structures
  • Part 3: Business and workplace practices and processes
  • Part 4: Compliance with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Part 5: Storing and maintaining legal documents and business records
  • Part 6: Identifying non-compliance and taking corrective actions
  • Part 7: Determining procurement rights
  • Part 8: Negotiating procurement rights & completing contractual arrangements
  • Part 9: Business risk management requirements
  • Part 10: Mitigating business risks
  • Part 11: Assignments
The course requires:
  • Access to the internet
  • A computer or mobile device

Language and Literacy In order to successfully complete this course, you need to have a certain level of language and literacy skills. We recommend that you have at least level 3 skills for this course. If you are unsure of your language and literacy skill level, please try our free LL&N assessment tool.
You will need a QBCC licence to carry out:
  • Building work over $3,300
  • Building work over $1,100 where it involves Hydraulics Services design
  • Building of any value involving:
    • Drainage
    • Plumbing and Drainage
    • Gas Fitting
    • Termite Management - Chemical
    • Fire Protection
    • Completed residential building inspection
    • Building - low rise, medium rise, and open Site Classification
The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) regulates who can start a contracting business in Queensland for the building and construction trades.

Tradespeople who are applying for a contractor or nominee supervisor licence in any of the trade contractor classes must submit a completed Trade Contractors Licence Application Form.

Even if you have a licence from another state, it will not allow you to undertake construction work in Queensland, and you will need to apply for a QBCC licence before you can begin.
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The following unit will be awarded to successful participants in this course:
BSBESB402 - Establish legal and risk management requirements of new business ventures