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Feedback from Our Students

15th Oct 2021
CPCCWHS1001 - White Card WA
4th Oct 2021
CPCCWHS1001 - White Card WA
3rd Oct 2021
CPCCWHS1001 - White Card WA
21st Oct 2021
Trade Contractor Course

Good course, lots of interesting subjects. Very easy to follow instructions.
18th Oct 2021
Trade Contractor Course

This was one of the best online courses I have undertaken. The information was clear and contained relevant content.
17th Oct 2021
Asbestos Awareness

I would like to thank you on this course, I have been taught about asbestos by bosses and former supervisors. there have been a lot of times where I have around asbestos knowingly and taken correct measures. But after this course I now realise I have worked with asbestos many times unknowingly. Im very sure there have probably been times I have exposed myself to asbestos unknowingly as its in a lot more material than I was aware of and especially in old housing insulating material and am slightly concerned about my health. I believe this should be made mandatory for all workers in any construction field. If undertaking an apprenticeship it should be involved in the construction induction course(CI card). As I feel it is just as important as knowing OH&S and directly correlates as far as I'm concerned. I am an electrician and it staggers me that I was not made to do this course while doing my apprenticeship