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Feedback from Our Students

3rd Jun 2021
CPCCWHS1001 - White Card WA
3rd Jun 2021
CPCCWHS1001 - White Card WA
31st May 2021
CPCCWHS1001 - White Card WA
4th Jun 2021
Asbestos Awareness

for someone like me who does NOT concentrate well in a classroom, full of students yelling over each other and not being able to focus like i would strive too. Its very refreshing and stress free to do this online course. The layout of the exam was easy to follow and understand. Thankyou inscope training for the opportunity to do this course online and in the comfort of my own home and time frame. highly reccomend it too anyone with social anxiety or any person in general.
23rd May 2021
Asbestos Awareness

Great course, easy to use and understand
7th May 2021

very clear training happy to do this every 12 months as it keeps me refreshed thanks Clint.