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Real Feedback from Real Students!

29th Sep 2016
ERNEST A. White Card
29th Sep 2016
RJAY Y. White Card
27th Sep 2016
DANIEL G. White Card - WA
25th Sep 2016
KAREN O. White Card
24th Sep 2016
CORENTIN P. White Card
22nd Sep 2016
STEVEN O. White Card
29th Sep 2016
MICHAEL H. White Card QLD (Stat Dec)

Hi all completed my work card on line, great content with easy to follow instructions, had some problems with watching videos but that was an internet issue, keep up the good work
28th Sep 2016
JAMES K. White Card QLD (Stat Dec)

Easy to use site with good content.
27th Sep 2016
FADEY E. Asbestos Awareness

Great short course. Thumbs up!