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Feedback from Our Students

10th Jul 2021
CPCCWHS1001 - White Card WA
30th Jun 2021
CPCCWHS1001 - White Card WA
27th Jun 2021
CPCCWHS1001 - White Card WA
28th Jul 2021
HLTAID011 - First Aid/CPR

trainer was great! extremely helpful and informative
1st Jul 2021
Asbestos Awareness

Thanks you so much for putting together a very informative on line course. The videos were brilliant and the voices were easy to listen to. The insight and understanding of asbestos has made me of aware of the potential risks to myself and the staff in our business. Highly recommend for any trade in the construction industry.
21st Jun 2021
Trade Contractor Course

Have loved the course for the main reason that I did learn a lot. The course content is relatively easy to understand and very relevant to what I needed to know to the many facets of business. Thank you Inscope Training