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EWP Awareness
Respirator and Fit Testing Awareness

Elevated Work Platform Awareness

The approximate duration of this course is 1- 2 hrs.

This course is designed to provide the theory that an EWP operator would be required to know about operating their machine.

This course can be used by employers, combined with practical on-the-job training to ensure that their workers are competent and to satisfy compliance with the WHS and OHS regulation is met.

Who would benefit from this course? Employers and employees who need to operate EWPs below 11 metres.

Pay only when you finish and you will be emailed a Statement of Completion immediately.

Course Overview

The course is separated into the following components:

  • Elevated work platforms overview
  • Site inspection and risk assessment
  • Site hazards
  • Weather,outriggers and tampering
  • Safety devices and alarms
  • Powerlines
  • Emergency procedures
  • Pre-operational checks
  • Boom Lift
  • Wind Rating
  • Pre-Check - visual
  • Pre-Check - function Test
  • Operation of an EWP
  • Scissor LIfts

Note: This is an awareness course only.