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First Aid Awareness

First Aid Awareness

Being able to identify symptoms and to quickly take the correct actions may help to save a life.

This course will raise your awareness and provide you with the knowledge of how to respond to an injury or illness.

Who would benefit from this course? Everyone in a workplace, parents, teachers and carers.

Pay only when you finish and you will be emailed a Statement of Completion immediately.

Course Overview

The course is separated into the following components:

  • First Aid Responsibilities
  • Respiratory and Cardiovascular Systems
  • CPR & Resuscitation
  • Bleeding and Wounds
  • Traumatic Injuries (e.g. fractures, shock, burns and abdominal injuries etc)
  • Medical Injuries (e.g. stroke, asthma, anaphylaxis, heart attack, diabetes etc)
  • Environmental (e.g. snake and spider bites, marine stings, drowning etc)

Note: This is an awareness course only without a practical component so it is not a substitute for a first aid qualification.