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Powder Actuated Tool Awareness

Course Overview

The course covers the following components:

  • Introduction To Powder Actuated Tools
  • Work Instructions
  • Signs for using Powder Actuating Tools
  • PPE requirements for Powered Actuated Tools
  • High Velocity Powder Actuated Tools
  • Low Velocity Tools
  • Identify Parts - Low Velocity
  • Suitable and unsuitable materials for use with PAT's
  • Safe Work Method Statement Interpretation for EPT
  • Safety Data Sheet Interpretation for EPT
  • Fixing To Concrete
  • Fixing To Steel
  • Power Actuated Tool - Fasteners
  • Selecting The Power Load for Powder Actuated Tools
  • Loading Powder Actuated Tools
  • Misfire Procedures
  • Removal of Temporary Fasteners
  • Storage of Powder Actuated Tools
  • Logbook Requirements
  • Cleaning and Lubrication Requirements
  • Maintenance of Powder Actuated Tools