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Hear From Our Students

At Inscope, we're extremely passionate about training. We receive some great feedback from our students, and we've shared some below. Remember when you do our courses, you can leave suggested improvements or feedback too!


QR code to stop phony degrees and diplomas.

In response to recent media reports which claim that overseas organisations are providing false diplomas from Australian educational institutions for up to $6500 each, the Chief Commissioner (ASQA), last Friday, reminded RTO’s that they have a responsibility to have “mechanisms in place to reduce fraudulent reproduction of its certification.”

Back in April 2014, Mike from Ammonite (the platform we use) posted a video that shows one bulletproof mechanism that all but eliminates potential fraud. It is really great to see that this 'solution' has now made it onto the list of fraud prevention steps provided by ASQA.

Inscope Training adopted this certificate security solution from the moment it became available.


The Risks of Online Delivery of the White Card

Whether white card training can be effectively delivered online is primarily a matter of risk management. The risk management process requires that the risks involved in delivering the course online need to be identified, control measures put in place to control the identified risks, and these control measures monitored and periodically reviewed.


Why pay $80 for a White Card?

For the longest time the Construction General Induction Card or the “White Card” has been expensive but we have changed that with our $35 White Card! How can we do it so competitively without sacrificing our high standards.


Upskilling Workers

Don't get caught OUT!

There are so many requirements, standards, Legislation and Codes of Practice that businesses are required to comply with in today's market. Lots of businesses focus on issues that are obvious and apparent but serious issues and hazards can easily sneak up on the unaware.

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