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Crossfit Regionals 2016

To keep us at the forefront of innovation, we continually embrace progressive practices throughout our lives. Our office environment/culture is certainly not immune either. To combat the issues surrounding 'sitting is the new smoking' the entire office has switched to standing desks months ago.

Combined with the occasional lunchtime workout, and the 30 minute pushup timer (which comes around all too quickly!) all of the staff here at Inscope also do Crossfit.

Inscope would like to especially congratulate Tim Harris on his recent achievement in making the Crossfit Regionals for 2016 in the Asia / Pacific region. Tim placed 7th in Australia in the Crossfit Open which is an awesome effort. Well done!


Inscope Thanks Our Partners

We'd like to give a big thank you to our partners for giving up their time to come to our training day today.

We hope you gained a great insight into the latest first aid practices from Ben Harris, a Critical Care Paramedic and also some tips and tricks with using the Ammonite platform.


Shane Webcke - Queensland Safety Ambassador

Shane Webcke, football legend and sports presenter, is Workplace Health and Safety Queensland's Safety Ambassador.

Shane has a strong connection and commitment to work safety as his father was killed in a workplace incident.

" I lost my dad in a workplace incident, so I know first-hand that family and loved ones are the most important reason for work safety."

In his new safety film, and at Safe Work Month events across Queensland throughout October, Shane will share the story of how his father's death impacted his family, and offer advice to workers and businesses about the importance of staying safe at work and creating a strong safety culture.

Shane mentions the change in attitude needed to make workplaces safer. We believe that training organisations along with workers and employers have a major role to play in changing the safety attitudes of the workplace. We hope that through valid training we can prevent unnecessary injury or loss of life due to workplace incidents.

Shane played 254 matches for the Brisbane Broncos (including their 2006 Grand Final win), made 21 State of Origin appearances for Queensland, and played 20 Test matches for Australia.

Lets all get together and talk about safety at the next talk box talk and make August a incident free month.

Shane's Safe Work Month 'Take a breath' poster (PDF, 570.39 KB)

Content courtesy of WorkCover Queensland 2015
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